What Inyova
does differently

Our proprietary algorithm, known as the Inyova Engine, creates investment strategies that maximise sustainability impact – without compromising your returns.

Transparency and personalisation are at the heart of our approach. We don’t sell a generic, one-size-fits-all solution. Nor do we cobble together funds that are questionably “green”. Instead, we enable you to make informed decisions before investing directly in high-impact companies.

The Inyova universe

To enter the Inyova Universe, a company must be a champion in at least one of our impact topics. It also must satisfy our stringent financial criteria.

Our universe currently includes around 400 companies. From this, the Inyova Engine selects 30-40 that fit with your personal impact topics and exclusion criteria. It also builds your strategy according to best practices for diversification, risk-optimisation, and liquidity.

If you make adjustments to your strategy, our engine continues to ensure your mix of companies is financially sound. This way, you can control where your money goes – without compromising your returns.

Handprint: a company’s products & services

We believe a company’s biggest environmental and social impact comes from the products and services it puts into the world. That's why we give this 'handprint' more weight than its 'footprint', which we explain in the next section.

For each ‘handprint’ impact topic, we identify champions by deep-diving into the company’s overall product portfolio, assessing its audited reports and analysing third-party data.

Footprint: a company’s operational impact

When investing sustainably, many people want to put additional focus on companies that are leaders in eco-friendly manufacturing or treatment of workers. After all, an innovative climate solution is even more impactful if the company also champions gender equality.

By the way: When it comes to overall operational impact, all companies in the Inyova universe meet high standards.

Exclusion: reject specific activities

Many Inyova users feel strongly about ‘voting with their wallets’ and divesting companies that carry out activities that clash with their personal values – for example, nuclear power or animal testing. For this reason, you have the choice to fully exclude a range of topics from your Inyova investment.

Our whitepaper: read the full story.

Many people ask, ‘How does Inyova assess companies?’, ‘How do you choose what companies go into my portfolio?’ and ‘What financial criteria do you use?’. Our whitepaper addresses each of these topics in detail.

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