It's time to take responsibility.

Dr. Tillmann Lang, CEO and co-founder

We built Inyova because we wanted our investments to promote clean energy and equal rights, without fuelling climate change or the weapons industry.

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We are experts in finance, sustainability and technology. We are portfolio managers, techies, designers, mathematicians, finance masters, developers, scribblers and communicators. We are activists for a more sustainable world.

Inyova Team

We are creating a movement

Our why

Inyova exists to create a more sustainable world through investing. We want to make sure our grandchildren, and yours, inherit a Planet Earth that is liveable.

Our vision

A financial system that doesn’t just benefit the finance industry – but also people and their environment. Lives that are rich in more than wealth alone. And a sustainable world with a bright future.

Our mission

To make it easy for everyone – even beginners – to invest in a sustainable and responsible future, without compromising their returns.

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