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Our easy to use platform enables you to invest with sustainable impact. With Inyova, your personal stock portfolio is made up of companies that contribute to a more sustainable future – without compromising your returns.

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“If we take the Paris Climate Accord seriously, we need to make investments sustainable. Inyova works on making this possible even with small investments.”
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“To me, Inyova is investing towards a better future: for equal opportunities for women, for better health for everyone, for a future that benefits all of us.”
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“Climate change has a lot to do with how and where you invest your money. Inyova is a great enabler for sustainable investments.”
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We want our investments to promote clean energy and equal rights,

without fuelling climate change or the weapons industry.

Inyova exists to create a more sustainable world through investing. We want to make sure our grandchildren, and yours, inherit a Planet Earth that is liveable.

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