Guide “Reduce your risk on the stock market”

*This article was originally written for our Swiss market, it may contain Swiss references.

When it comes to investment, profitable strategies are rarely risk-free, and risk-free strategies are rarely profitable. However, there is a happy balance. If risks are managed correctly, the stock markets, in Switzerland and around the world, can be a rewarding vehicle for growing your wealth long-term.

Our guide “Reduce your risk on the stock market” outlines the key risks of investing in company stocks, as well as the best approaches to reduce these risks. 

You can download the guide here.

This was published in 2018. Click here to read 3 Ways to Invest During the Corona Virus Crisis.

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Tillmann Lang

Tillmann Lang

CEO and Founder

For many years, Tillmann has been working on the question of how to make the world more sustainable – and the role finance has in this transition. Before founding Yova, Tillmann worked for more than 6 years at the strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company.